Our story

The Center for Clinical Research (CCR) was founded by Dr. Alexander Reyzelman DPM in 2003. CCR is headquartered in San Francisco and includes multiple locations throughout the Western United States. Research trials typically involve investigating new, state-of-the-art wound care products and devices. We are at the forefront of groundbreaking studies in the field of foot and ankle care to help treat patients with painful Diabetic Neuropathy, foot and leg ulcers that can often lead to unnecessary amputations. CCR initially opened its doors with the primary focus on lower limb wound care and since expanded to a multi-therapeutic Site Management Organization to include Neurology, Internal Medicine and Pain Management.

Dr. Reyzelman has been the principal investigator in hundreds of diabetic wound care trials and is actively involved in cutting-edge wound care and limb preservation research. He has many scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals on various podiatric diseases. Dr. Reyzelman is dedicated to the highest quality of patient care, exceptional standards of operation and unparalleled integral data quality. The CCR staff consists of highly qualified board-certified physicians, certified clinical research coordinators, registered nurses, regulatory specialists, phlebotomists, and research assistants to provide expert patient care.